10:31 am
19 May 2018

Welcoming PLACES

Welcome to PLACES – a publication devoted to reporting on notable and relevant real estate trends in development, investment, leasing, management, and marketing. The insights you will find in PLACES are the byproduct of our hands-on experience within many complex aspects of the industry. The articles within PLACES highlight some of the topics we find of particular note, and we hope you find them of interest as well.

As we begin to turn the corner on a new year and to reflect on 2015, we are reminded that the only constant is change. Trends are continuing to shift in consumer buying habits, retailer strategies, and the execution of social media.  All of these shifting trends require investors, developers and operators of retail and mixed-use properties to continually find ways to stay ahead of the game. At Madison Marquette, we are relentlessly focused on the opportunity to learn about these trends and to incorporate them into our planning, development and operations. There is a science and an art to recognizing and sculpting an emerging opportunity into a successful asset. Our Madison Marquette teams work collaboratively to strategically and methodically transform retail and mixed-use properties into real estate assets that fulfill the unique needs of their individual communities. We strive to remain consistently up to date on the relevant market, consumer and lifestyle trends that drive our merchandising, marketing, leasing and property management activities. One constant remains clear: the need to continuously provide consumers with fresh, relevant and engaging experiences.

One of this year’s most exciting trends to me is the movement toward experiential activation, the art of connecting customers to memorable experiences. This can be seen through many various outlets including pop-up retail, onsite blogging, art displays and istallations, and community oriented events. It is an ongoing shift to engaging with people – building meaningful, enduring, and personalized relationships. A recent example includes the “Market at Fifth,” a curated maker-market executed by Madison Marquette’s merchandising team on the boardwalk at Asbury Park, New Jersey. The market features emerging and local retail designers and artisans who interact on site with customers to cultivate relationships that bolster brand loyalty.

Finally, I’d like to thank all of our contributors for sharing their expertise and industry knowledge, including the in-house experts from Madison Marquette whom have demonstrated their level of commitment and passion. They continue to be a driving force of excellence to all the work we do.  At Madison Marquette, our people are our best asset. It is on their behalf and with great pleasure that I present to you the 6th edition of PLACES magazine.


Thomas Gilmore

Senior Managing Director

Madison Marquette Real Estate Services